The Best Mindfulness Apps

01/15/2017 Jeannette 0

Being mindful is basically the practice of being in the present moment, purposefully paying attention. The technological age offers hundreds of helpful mindfulness apps. These apps offer many types of sessions like walking and sitting […]

The Best Voice Recording App for iPhone

01/11/2017 Jeannette 0

Less than fifteen years ago, premium voice recorders and personal computers were the most accessible ways to make copies of audio but with the advent of smartphones, lots of apps with voice recording capabilities are […]

The Best Weather App for iPhone

01/11/2017 Jeannette 0

Without a doubt, the best weather app for the iPhone is the Weather Channel. If you are looking for a good weather app and don’t want to use the proprietary one that comes with the […]

Finding a Great Note-Taking App

01/11/2017 Jeannette 0

Whether it is the beginning of the semester or a mad rush to organize thoughts before finals, one of the best friends that any student can have is a good note-taking app. Developers have been […]

The Best Recipe Manager for iPhone

01/11/2017 Jeannette 0

The good old days of keeping all of your favorite recipes on index cards in small boxes are long gone. Nowadays, countless apps exist to help keep your recipes safe, organized and easily accessible. While […]