The Best Voice Recording App for iPhone

Less than fifteen years ago, premium voice recorders and personal computers were the most accessible ways to make copies of audio but with the advent of smartphones, lots of apps with voice recording capabilities are now available to practically everyone. For iPhone users, AudioNote has become one of the most successful and most used of these apps.

What makes AudioNote stand out from its other competitors is the fact that it is both a note-taking and a voice recording app. Through its meticulously programmed app design, each note acts as a link to the point of the recording when the text was typed. This functionality will be very helpful for students and professionals who are not as efficient with their note-taking as they would like to be.

With AudioNote, not only will iPhone users save time from the tedious manual text-to-audio matching that usually accompanies transcription, it will also make it easier for the notes to be understood as it gives context to the many lines of typed annotation.

Also, even if there were no notes taken, AudioNote’s recording capability is still top-notch. So whether you are a college undergraduate, professor, business executive or secretary, AudioNote will be the best voice recording app for your needs.

Image: / Innovated Captures

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