The Best Recipe Manager for iPhone

The good old days of keeping all of your favorite recipes on index cards in small boxes are long gone. Nowadays, countless apps exist to help keep your recipes safe, organized and easily accessible. While this is great in theory, many apps fall short of their intent and end up making your recipe organization goals more complicated. The goal of recipe managing is to simplify, and in order to do that, you should be using the best recipe manager app- Paprika.

Paprika comes with a plethora of features that your cute index cards simply can’t compete with. With Paprika, you can automatically download recipes with the tap of a finger, create your own recipes, pin recipes when working with multiple dishes, categorize recipes according to specific filters, search recipes by name ingredient or source, easily share recipes and even integrate timers!Clearly, this app does just about everything one could hope for in a recipe manager app. For those who dread doing mathematical conversions, Paprika even helps you scale your recipes so you don’t have to remember how many teaspoons are in a cup. Paprika is really an app that can do it all in terms of recipe management. Both busy parents and budding chefs will enjoy using this app!

Image: / Dean Drobot

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