The Best Mindfulness Apps

Being mindful is basically the practice of being in the present moment, purposefully paying attention. The technological age offers hundreds of helpful mindfulness apps. These apps offer many types of sessions like walking and sitting meditations and breathing and body awareness exercises. Some of the top-rated mindfulness apps are listed below.

Headspace provides ten free meditation sessions (afterwards, the user can purchase a subscription). This app uses videos and other visuals to teach about mindfulness, and it allows the user to focus on aspects like performance and health.

Mindfulness Daily gives 21 days of exercises. This app has a feature that allows the tracking of moods.

Buddhify offers 80 different meditation tracks that vary in length. This app is ideal for those looking to be more mindful in many aspects of their lives.

Smiling Mind provides up to ten weeks of exercises. This app has exercises for children, teens and adults and a mood tracking feature.

Omvana gives users access to many meditation sounds and music. This app also allows users to choose the length of the meditation (from three minutes to an hour).

Stop, Breathe & Think offers both short and lengthy sessions. This app also asks about the user’s mood and suggests meditation practices to fit that mood.

All the apps mentioned above are great for those new to meditation and mindfulness. Every app is different but each has the same underlying goal: to help the user be drawn to meditation every day.

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