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Track your budget, spending and financial goals from anywhere.

LearnVest has helped over a million people take control of their money, and now it's even easier to use their award-winning budgeting and financial management tool.

Know what (and where) you really spend

By connecting your financial accounts, you can see what you're actually spending, and even set your financial goals on the go. Organize your expenses on or offline, add cash transactions using a built-in geo-location tracker and get the latest budgeting and spending tips to make the most of your money.

Budget more effectively

LearnVest will automatically track and categorize every penny so you know exactly where you're spending. With all of your accounts in one place, sticking to your budget is actually fun and easy.

Set goals and watch your progress

Find out when you'll have enough saved to take your dream vacation or pay off that last credit card. Dynamic graphs make it easy to see your progress on your goals each month so you stay motivated and on track to reach them.

Master your cash flow

Use the app to log cash transactions as they happen, so your budget stays up-to-date and every penny is accounted for.

Get financial know-how on the go

Want to save more at the grocery store, or know how (and when) to ask for a raise? Get great money-saving tips and financial how-tos with mobile-friendly access to all of LearnVest's latest articles. You can even star articles and save them as favorites to compile your own resource library.

Your secrets are safe with us

  • Access to the app is protected with a 4-digit passcode that you set
  • LearnVest is backed by bank-level security, keeping your information safe and secure
  • No one - not even you - can transfer or remove money from your accounts
  • Your data is 100% anonymous

Seamless integration with learnvest.com

Your budget, priority goals and account information automatically update across devices. View your budget and spending history anytime, anywhere on your iPhone or online at LearnVest.com.

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You’ve come up with a great new idea for an app, and spent many months developing it. The app is beautifully designed, and has the production value to be a great success. You want to capitalize on this terrific opportunity, and commercialize your app to its full potential.

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With a combined 1.4 million apps in the iOS and Google Play App Stores, and 20,000 new apps submitted each week, getting your app noticed is a monumental task. The numbers prove this - 59% of apps don’t break even on development costs, while the average iPhone app makes only $600 in revenue, according to IT World.

For high quality app developers, especially those with small marketing budgets, finding a solution to this problem is extremely difficult, and most of these apps don’t commercialize to their full potential (or as fast as they should).

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Just the Best Apps is a beautiful platform profiling exceptional mobile apps.

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You’re a tech blog owner with a relatively significant and engaged audience, and you’re interested in making some extra cash. Most important to you though is your content – you take pride in its high quality content, and will not waver from this commitment.

About Us

Just the Best Apps exists to ensure the best in-class apps are recognized as such.

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Just the Best Apps is a beautiful online platform hosting only the best, most highly rated, and useful apps, all in one place – so you can quickly and easily find the apps that will make a difference in your life.

All of the apps we feature are rated between 4 and 5 stars on the iTunes and Google Play App Stores.

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